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GAMWC is committed to reducing electricity costs and maintaining a strong and sustainable water company for the Nyeland Acres community.  GAMWC has completed projects to meet this goal and have more innovative solutions that will be implemented in the future.  Please read more below on each project.

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New Water Storage Tank 

In 2018, GAMWC completed the acquisition of land and the installation of a new 125,000 gallon water storage tank.  This brings the total water storage to 250,000 gallons.  This site also includes an interconnection between GAWMC and Nyeland Acres Mutual Water Company to provide more sustainability.

Water Storage Tank Replacement

In 2019, GAMWC replaced the previous 125,000 gallon water storage tank to bring a total of 250,000 gallons in water storage.  Also, GAWMC installed security cameras to the facility to provide a secure site.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

In Fall, 2019, GAMWC will be adding a new SCADA water control system to better monitor the water company.  This state of the art system will monitor and control the well pumps, report the electrical energy used by the pumps, report the flow rate and total flow through the system, monitor and report the system pressure, report the water levels of the tanks and control the booster and jockey pumps and aligned with the current Fox Canyon Groundwater Management System requirements.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) 

GAMWC installed an energy saving system in Summer of 2019.   A variable frequency drive (VFD) plays an important role in the field for energy saving with the VFD and is widely used in practical projects.  We installed this system to achieve the maximum energy saving benefits during our operations.

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